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Gardening Club Spring 2015

Now that Spring is finally here, our Gardening Club is well under way.  GREEN-FINGERED residents at Fairby Grange helped fill the vegetable planter with a whopping 8 bags of compost.

We have planted vegetables such as beetroot, spring onions, lettuce and radishes.  All we have to do now is to look after them.  We are lucky to have some dedicated green fingered residents who love gardening and tendering to these vegetables.  We are all hoping for a bumper stock of produce.  Our cooks are excited to reap the benefits of the residents hard work. 

There's nothing quite like eating your own fresh produce straight from the garden!!

September 2015 - We are still enjoying getting out into the garden to tend to our vegetables, making sure our chefs put them to use in the kitchen.

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