Statement of Philosophy


  1. It is our aim to offer our residents the opportunity to enhance their quality of life by providing a safe, manageable and comfortable environment, plus support and stimulation to help them to maximise their potential physical, intellectual, emotional and social capacity.
  2. Residents are entitled to be involved in all decisions affecting their lives unless there are demonstrable reasons why this is not possible or appropriate.
  3. Our assumption underlying care decisions is that residents are capable of making choices about their own lifestyle (e.g. holding pension book, medicines, and deciding what to do and when to do it) rather than vice versa unless and until there is clear evidence that the assumption is not valid.
  4. Each resident is given a written contract agreeing terms and conditions of residence and services to be provided.
  5. All admissions are for a specified trial period, usually 4 weeks, before decisions are made about long term residence.
  6. We aim to offer clear procedures and opportunities for residents to review their own situation regularly, along with a friend or adviser and the care managers.
  7. Residents and their representatives are made aware in writing of a clear complaints procedure which includes recourse to persons in authority out with the home leg (e.g. Care Quality Commission or Social Service Officers).
  8. All residents retain their citizens’ rights when they enter our home, and we aim to safeguard these rights and help residents to exercise them.
  9. We aim to ensure that residents continue to have unrestricted access to all community support services, including health, social services, leisure and education, and facilitate such access wherever possible.
  10. Residents should be able to expect continuity, for example in terms of maintaining links with former life (acquaintances, GPs, etc.), and having personal care provided by a small number of known and trusted staff.
  11. All our residents are entitled to ‘private’ accommodation which they can call their own, which they can use as and when they wish, and to which they can invite guests.
  12. We aim to ensure that the needs and wishes of all residents are ascertained, respected and met wherever possible, particularly bearing in mind ethnic, religious and cultural factors.
  13. Residents are able to retain dignity and be treated with dignity, for example in relation to the manner in which staff handle incontinence problems, bathing or dressing, and the mode of address used to residents.
  14. Our staff ethos is that the needs of residents are paramount.
  15. We aim to guard against restricting rights and choices as a result of institutional practices and regimes which emphasise administrative convenience.
  16. Facilities for activities not directly related to care of residents, are organised and located so as not to interfere with the lifestyle of residents.

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