Frequently Asked Questions about Fairby Grange Care Home

Q: Is there a choice of menu at mealtimes?
A: Yes, we always offer a choice of dishes.

Q: What activities do you arrange?
A: Mel, Our ‘Activities Co-ordinator’ organises a variety of activities during the week and we also have visits from outside professionals.

Q: Is Fairby Grange a non smoking home?
A: Yes. Although we have plenty of space in the garden for those wishing to smoke.

Q: What arrangements are there for attending religious services?
A: We have a communal service with hymns every Tuesday morning in the lounge. We can also arrange for local volunteers to transport residents to local religious services.

Q: Are the bedrooms cleaned every day?
A: Yes.

Q: Do all bedrooms have a lockable space?
A: Yes, all bedrooms have a lockable drawer.

Q: Is Fairby Grange insured for damage/loss of residents’ possessions?
A: Yes, though this is limited and we would recommend depositing valuables with the manager for safekeeping.

Q. What is it like living at Fairby Grange?
A. We recommend that you come and stay with us for a day or two and sample life at Fairby Grange.

Q. How will I know that my needs will be met?
A. Our Manager will try to visit you at your home or place of stay to discuss your current needs or we can assess your needs during a visit or trial stay at Fairby Grange.

Q. Can I bring items of my own furniture?
A. You are very welcome to bring small items of furniture provided it can be suitably accommodated in your room. We would encourage you to ‘personalise’ your room with pictures and photographs etc.

Q. Can I have telephone in my room?
A. Yes, all rooms have a telephone point and we can arrange for a phone to be connected. You will, of course be responsible for any charges and future telephone bills. We also have a separate private Phone Booth.

Q. Can I have a newspaper or magazines delivered?
A. Yes, we have a daily delivery from our local newsagent. The cost of this is not include in our fees and will therefore be met by you.

Q. Who will do my laundry?
A. Your laundry will be collected from your room daily and normally returned the following day. We would request that all items of clothing be marked or labelled with you name.

Q. Can I keep my own doctor?
A. You must ask your doctor if he/she will be prepared to keep you as a patient after you have moved. If not, we are able to register you with a doctor from the local surgery in Longfield. The local Doctor visits Fairby Grange regularly once a week to ensure continuity of care.

Q. When can I receive visitors?
A. You may receive visitors at any time.

Fairby Grange, Ash Road, Hartley, Longfield, Kent. DA3 8ER. Tel: 01474 702223